About Us

Strategy ★ Marketing ★ Social Media ★ Online Business Coaching
We help hi-tech companies enter and grow in niche B2B export markets by providing online coaching in strategy, marketing, social media and trade fairs.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Albert Einstein

Don’t expect the people who created the problem to think differently on their own.

We believe in thinking differently and challenging perceived ideas and ways of working. This brings new insights that can be the catalyst for taking a different approach.

The way we apply this is by asking probing questions as part of a structured conversation and using a range of simple, but powerful business tools. These often unlock fresh ideas and “hidden gems”.

Our main service is now business coaching, both online and face to face, with Mindshop Online as the core. Our principal areas of expertise are in strategy, marketing, social media and trade fairs.

BUSINESS TO MARKETS Ltd helps emerging and established exporters in the engineering, hi-tech and specialised manufacturing sectors companies enter and grow in niche B2B export markets. We do this by helping exporters:

✔ Develop and implement realistic export marketing plans.
✔ Identify their three top areas for improvement to overcome barriers to growth.
✔ Develop and implement tactical marketing plans that are aligned to the overall business strategy.
✔ Make appropriate use of the right social media channels as part of the marketing plan.
✔ Visit or exhibit at international trade fairs.

To discover if we are a good fit for your business, simply see our new Showcase Pages or visit www.b2m.co.nz. Then email simon@b2m.co.nz to arrange an initial discussion.