About Us

CLIMsystems designs, develops and markets advanced, user-friendly software systems for assessing impacts and adaptation to climate variability and change. At CLIMSystems we strive to empower individuals, organsations, and communities to reduce the risks posed by climatic variability and change, through the provision of software tools and scientific information for decision-making.

CLIMsystems offers software licenses, training, services and customised model developments to a range of national and local governments, planners, educators, students, international agencies, private consultants and companies in order to meet their needs for addressing climate risks. We strive to provide reliable, user-friendly products and services that remain at the forefront of developments in the field.

We achieve our goals through world-class research and an ever expanding array of strategic alliances. We seek to build alliances and engage in joint ventures with organisations that are concerned with climate change and which can expand their horizons and ours through collaboration.

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