About Us

MG Marketing is the leading supplier of fresh produce to New Zealand, Australian and global consumer markets.

Known as MG, we are a co-operative company with a successful record of growing, distributing and selling a comprehensive range of fresh vegetables and fruit.

The produce industry is one of the fastest moving industries in the world, and MG Marketing prides itself on being a leader in such a changeable market.

Put simply, in New Zealand we provide fresh produce to retailers including both home-grown and in partnership with Dole and Sunkist for tropical fruit.

We do this by utilising the following business units:

• Procurement – imports and domestic
• Key Accounts Representatives
• Merchandising
• Sales
• Warehousing
• Logistics
• Administration

These are supported by our group functions: IT, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, General management

Our produce salespeople are the first port of call when retailers are looking for the very best produce. Through our unique structure and technology our team knows what’s happening more quickly than our competitors. Consequently, we sell large volumes of produce. Equipped with this insight, the future becomes far more manageable for both retailers and growers. Risks are minimized, which facilitates better returns for our shareholders.

MG focuses on consistently outperforming all of its competitors in delivering the highest level of service and client satisfaction.

We’re committed to building the strength of our existing client relationships, not just by delivering an outstanding service, but through honesty, openness and transparency.

We hire the most talented people available and train them to new standards of performance. We empower them which helps them deliver results for us and for our clients.

Business size

500+ employees


Commercial presence