About Us

Penberthy is a family owned and operation insurance and mortgage broker business. We are friends with our customers, you will never feel like a number or a file that needs attention once a year. Come and experience the difference of having an insurance or mortgage broker who is actually working for you, not the bottom line.

Personal Insurance:
We look after all insurance covers that relate to your private assets and lifestyle. We are specially trained in these products so that we can easily explain the advantages and what best suits you and your situation.

Business Insurance:
We look after all business risk assessments and insurance covers. Insurance can be complex, however, we have broken the risk covers down so that you can easily assess their relevance to your and your organisation.

Life & Health:
The reason to have insurance is to give you peace of mind and maintain your lifestyle should the unforseen happen. How much is required is something we can help you work out so you can relax.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in property finance, we provide the opportunity to finance the purchase of a first home, review your current loan for refinance, or secure additional lending for investment property.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence